About Us

Naqi is a leading Saudi company in bringing reverse osmosis (RO) technology to the water desalination sector. Naqi contributes to improving the quality of daily life for all homes by providing more accessible and affordable healthy water solutions. Pure Filters is a safe drinking resource for every home. Naqi filters are also considered an alternative solution that protects the environment and maintains its sustainability in line with the environmental sustainability goals of Vision 2030 and the global environmental sustainability goals.

Naqi is constantly innovating and developing solutions in the water sector. And based on our goal to provide healthy water for everyone, pure is undoubtedly the best guardian for your family’s health that allows you to drink pure water.



Naqi seeks to be a leader in bringing reverse osmosis (RO) technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and from there to the Gulf, Middle East countries and the world. To provide each home with its own environmentally friendly water station.

the message

To provide every home with pure water without impurities, healthy, without chemicals, that does not pollute the environment and does not leave transport emissions. It is always present around us and restores water to its position in being a human right that exists under one’s roof without the need to buy, carry and transfer it, “Your Home Factory in Your Home”.

Naqi devices contribute to providing solutions to environmental sustainability and act as an alternative and environmentally friendly solution that reduces the damages of plastic emissions harmful to the environment and the damages resulting from their means of transportation. It also works to contribute to improving the quality of daily life for the individual by providing a permanent water source under every roof.