Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We like transparency and dealing with taste. We have prepared clear answers to all your kind inquiries

What does the device look like after installation?

Depending on the type of device, there are wall devices and there are hidden devices that are installed under the kitchen sink, as shown in the following figure:

How do I request a home desalination plant?

You can submit the request through the store, or you can provide us with your mobile number on the link below, We will contact you in customer service as soon as possible:


What are the prices and are they high?

The price varies according to the device, specifications, quality of service and warranty
Our devices (Golden Pro, aqua blue, Classic Pure, Softec, Ultra Pure), its price before the offer is 850 riyals, without a refrigerated bottle. Now with the offer for only 699 riyals (including tax) in addition to a bottle of refrigerator for free

In which cities do you provide your services?

God bless you, dear.

You can find out the cities that we provide our services to through the following link:


Is there water cooling?

Only purification and desalination device without refrigeration, We have refrigerators that you can order separately

Is the home desalination plant healthy and safe?

Yes, of course, All our desalination plants have filters that primarily seek to get rid of water contaminants. The additional value of reverse osmosis desalination plants lies in their ability to get rid of dissolved solids in the water, including salts.


What is a Taiwanese American?

The American piece is the salt filter (the fourth stage, which is the desalination stage and is considered the most important), As for the device as a whole, it is made in Taiwan


What is the nationality of the technicians?

We have specialized technicians from different Arab nationalities (Sudan, Yemen, Burma, Somalia, Syria, Palestine)


Are the technicians qualified?

We have a strict training policy to qualify any technician prior to job certification


Where is the location of your exhibition in Riyadh?

Our location is in Riyadh – Al-Narjis neighborhood – Anas bin Malik Road
You can search on Google Map “Naqe Water Desalination” and visit us
You can also provide us with your mobile number on the link below, They will contact you in customer service as soon as possible:

What is the price of changing a set of filters?

Depends on the type of device. Most of our devices (made in Taiwan) last up to 6 months
The price is 105 riyals with installation and 70 riyals without installation


What is the production capacity of the device?

The device produces between 240-300 liters of desalinated water per day


How many liters is purified per hour?

The speed depends on the level of water cleanliness, but in general the device can fill between 15-20 liters in about 15-20 minutes.


How much salinity after installing the device?

The device desalinates and purifies water from salts up to approximately 50-120 TDS to be pure and drinkable.

Salts can also be stopped completely, as the body compensates for salts from different meals