Device leaking water?

Simple steps to resolve the issue

  • First of all, we stop smuggling with the following steps:
    1. Disconnect the power to the desalinator.
    2. The lock of the feed cock (water source) is at the beginning of the pipe that feeds the water desalination device. And it is closed by reversing the direction of the stopcock (not in the direction of the tube).
    3. Lock the tank cock. You can find it above the small tank next to the desalination device. It is closed by reversing the direction of the cock as well (not in the direction of the pipe).
  • Submit an emergency maintenance request on the following link : And within 24 hours, God willing, we will serve you.


Would you like to fix the problem yourself (maybe the problem is simple)?

Make sure that the smuggling is coming from where is the possibility that the pipe needs pressure or a plastic elbow that needs tightening. Thus you do not need to wait for the technician