Household desalination device 7 stages – Naqi Silver Q

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Device features:

  1. A production capacity of 300 liters of desalinated water per day, equivalent to 16 large bottled water bottles (Jerkel).
  2. Powerful pump up to 130 PSI to speed up the desalination process
  3. Floor mount base
  4. water pressure watch
  5. Seventh stage to balance the alkalinity of the water (PH)


Product Industry:

The product is made in China

Device accessories:

  • Free bottle cooler
  • Tank made of fiberglass with a capacity of 7 liters
  • 1/4 inch faucet made of chrome
  • Chrome pipe fittings and adapters 1/2 inch and 3/4 size
  • Hook size 5 meters
  • 1/4 inch water entry valve
  • tank stopcock
  • filters key




First stage (filter cotton):

It consists of a cotton cartridge made of polypropylene that purifies up to 5 microns and removes solid impurities such as sand, mud and algae.

Second stage (granular carbon filter):

Made of thermally activated carbon, its function is to remove dissolved gases and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste, odor and color.

Third stage (steel carbon filter):

Made of carbon steel with 1 micron pores, its function is to remove the smallest impurities before the water enters the fourth stage.

Fourth stage (salt filter):

It is a unit known as the membrane. It contains very fine and narrow pores of up to 0.00001 microns, and it depends on the reverse osmosis feature, removing salts, bacteria and heavy metals. Starting at 96% as an expulsion rate is called a mechanical expulsion which does not use any chemicals

Fifth stage (post carbon filter):

A carbon filter made from coconut shells that removes any unpleasant odor or taste after the water stored in the tank.

Sixth stage (minerals):

A group of volcanic rocks that contain calcite, which supplies water with the minerals needed by the body.

Seventh stage (alkaline filter):

Alkaline filter that balances the water’s alkalinity (PH).